Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Educational Film #1

For some reason, I am having major codec issues on my computer-- formats just don't seem to want to convert into other formats. Whatever. I'll figure it out. I still have a video for you, even though the content is not made by me. For some reason, I thought this how-to video fits nicely over at Modern Single Dad.

I figure since he is on a fixed British Colombian income, he may want to learn this for his kids.

By the way, Coachella rocked. Video is coming.


Blogger Jay Dedman said...

why couldnt i have leanred this 15 years ago when i would spend 8 hours in the arcade in Meyerland.
whats the codec problem?
ask the group.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Nathan Peters said...

Wow that was awesome. I used to use blanks from electrical junction boxes until the arcade caught on and started using special tokens instead of quarters.

I will have to try your trick sometime. Thanks for dedicating the video to me :-)

11:48 PM  

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