Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Computer Blew Up!!

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I'm sitting in the apple store here in sunny downtown San Francisco, waiting for one of the "Genius" Bar helpers to fix my computer.

I have video to upload and its trapped in the body of a Powerbook...

I have been neutered. But I will be back!

Ahh, computers: such a Bitch Goddess. Such a Virgin Whore. Such a Love/Hate Relationship.

So instead, here is a test of the Titles in iMovie06 from my other site where I do "research and development". Totally meaningless unless you get the meaning. Which I sometimes don't. Watch with your own free will and decide how much of your time you just wasted.

I'll go back to posting Actual Interesting Content very soon. Or, feel free to press the link on the left and peruse my archives-- lots of good video in there!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hey, Let's Go To WonderCon!

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My friend John Gebbia draws comics for Slave Labor Graphics, and was able to con me a free pass to Wondercon. I haven't been to a comic convention in years and it was good to see independent publishing thriving next to...well.. no point reading when you can just watch the video.

But as a teaser: Prepare to see typically exciting geek stuff like Luke Skywalker and Miss Playboy Playmate 1998!

The American Dream is realized.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Taxicab Computers and Confessions

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Here is a video of a late night trip around San Francisco while talking to my cabbie about media and children. Special Guest Star is played by the stupidly awkward touch-screen computer in the back seat.

Remember to download Quicktime 7 if you are having problems viewing the video. (It's free)

Also, thanks to for the hosting.

Also, also, are you going to SXSW? Because I am speaking at SXSW! You should come and say Howdy and let's eat lots of BBQ in the Texas sun.

I am also moderating this panel on Wednesday for Under The Radar, if you are inclined to want to go to these sorts of things. Should be interesting.

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