Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Building A Burning Man Bus

I'm enjoying making NaVloPoMo videos; keeps me on my toes and gets rid of footage I never used before. Good stuff all around. The structure for this one is based on the visual stylings of Senior Valdez. I tried to one of his tricks justice while still having it feel like something that would be on this site. You know, something for my mom. Hi mom!

This is a video of how we cut off the back walls and roof for Mr. Janky, our 40ft schoolbus we purchased earlier this year.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Process Of Democracy

It's Voting Day here in San Francisco - and many other parts of America as well. Here is a look at our voting process; what do your ballots look like? I was kinda bummed that we can't blame anything on a dangling chad.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Salmon Dance In Compression Hell

Quicktime | iPod

Here's a little dancing for you.

An Aside: This video was a pain to compress! I'm on Leopard, editing with FCP and they just don't like each other.

I finally had to run away from it so I can meet my daily quota for NaVloPoMo (worst. name. ever.) NaVloPoMo is about creation. It's forcing yourself to make a video everyday in November. I've decided I'm going to make videos that speak to different audiences, on different sites. November 1st was a password protected video for a couple people (I sent them the link). Yesterday, I made a quick video on Seesmic...but only because this video wasn't compressing right.

Anyway, its gonna be a long month.

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