Thursday, May 12, 2005

What I Like This Morning

This is a response to one of my ANT feeds (the whole reason I started this videoblog. It was an eye-opener in the possiblities of aggregated content. I knew it was happening, i just need the "tagging" folksonomy to kick in. Then watch the sparks fly. If I seem to be rambling, it's because I am. Just get ANT, put in my RSS feed, and you never have to read the backstory to the videos again-- NOW you know you want it!!).

Anyway, Kristina, someone I don't know, though I've been watching her videos, asked a question and I spent my morning answering it. (10mb Quicktime File) An experiment in making and finishing a concept before I finish my morning cup of coffee-- and it shows. (insert self-deprecating groan here)

In the end, I think I'm going to do one of these once a month.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah!! This is fabulous - I really like the "mememememe" and the humming of "My favourite things" in the background - hilarious. Great stuff!

3:09 AM  
Blogger Chuck Olsen said...

that was really great, the humming.
not only that, but we like all of the same things!
esp. biskup toys. and sex.

12:10 AM  
Blogger Liza said...

i really really want to watch your videos
but they are toooo big for my weak hijacked wifi signal!!!!
hope to catch you later on a better signal.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Annie said...

wow i like your apartment! neat.

4:11 PM  
Blogger dltq said...



this is just a stupid comment. to let you know i watched this, and i like it, and i liked the humming too, and i don't like clutter too, and I have way too much clutter.

things have a tendency to clutter up. i should vlog the process. take a picture every few hours, or every day, and see how my room develops over the course of say a month, stitch together, and play as a 5 second movie, or something.


this is just a comment to let you know we are watching.

we are watching, always watching Something.

oh, and I LOVE texture
and sex
and books



7:20 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

Cool sound track, where can I buy it? Also, very cool house. In general, just cool ...

1:04 PM  
Blogger YRG said...

Very funny. Nice man-made music and intro to what you like.

5:32 PM  
Blogger Faux Press said...

Found this fine post archive-diving. Excellent to see the beginnings.

8:48 AM  

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