Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Web Dorks C_ule

Here is another short clip from the Webzine2005 pre-party. I guess I could have just strung these all together, but they seem to actually say something individually. Plus they are easier to download in small chunks (but you use the feed anyway, right?)

So this is Molly and Ted, co-conspirators in life, Webziners through-and-through, trying to spell and talk to other Webziners. Am I the only one who thinks these kinds of clips are interesting? (You don't need to answer that.) I didn't shoot all that much video during the event, so I just have random moments from the weekend.
Justin Hall, one of the MCs for the event, mentioned that he thought videoblogs are just people in front of their cameras talking. Obviously, the videoblogging panel showed him what is really going on out in Vloggertown: a visual representation of the world around us. Not just a narrator in your face telling you what happened, but a narrative of parts to help create the whole. But deep down, I think he knew that already.
For a videoblog, I think I just typed too many words.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are in violation of using too many words. Please surrender your credentials to the authorities so no one gets hurt!

4:49 PM  
Blogger taxiplasm said...

damn right we C_ule!!!


10:30 PM  

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