Monday, March 27, 2006

Five Moments From SXSW

click here to download file in Quicktime 7

Finally, the computer is up and working and now I can start sharing some moments I had at SXSW. Now that I've put in a new hard drive in my computer, and got most of my programs to work, I have one or two more SXSW videos in the works...Lord knows I have a pile of footage waiting to be dealt with.

As for SXSW, what they say about it is right: most of the "working" happens at the parties. In fact, here I am working very hard as I ask Halcyon if he could get his grandfather to speak at Vloggercon.

But I can't wait to go back next year-- well worth the trip and the hangover.


Blogger ryanne said...

i liked this video a lot

12:51 AM  

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