Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Moldy Oldies

After I put up this post, I got an email about wanting to see my early videoblogs.. Y'know, in case you wanted to see some sort of Portrait Of An Artist As Young Man sort of thing. (riiight)

Anyway, that's what the above flash player is configured to show you; (most, not nearly all) of my videos that I've put up on Echoplex Park for the last couple years. A lot has changed since then: people I was communicating with have left the web, reasons for making certain types of videos for this particular site had shifted, how I chose to communicate changed... The list is limitless.

So enjoy in all it's badly compressed glory... and I apologize for the advert bumpers between videos-- they are easily avoided by just skipping to the next video. I just couldn't figure out how to turn it off!



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