Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hey, Let's Watch Some Memphis Baseball!

Hey, Let's Go To The Ballgame!

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On my way to Bonnaroo in Tennessee, I stopped by Minor League baseball's very own Memphis Redbirds where my new buddy Zippy works the JumboTron.

I have been lax on putting up new video, as I've been on the run since Vloggercon; namely Bonnaroo, Supernova, and Bloggercon. Believe me, a video about running around the conference circuit is definitely in the works.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Coworking At Home

Teh Video of Teh Space called Teh Hat Factory

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Things have been real busy around here. From final preparations for Vloggercon to Teh Space(from the minds of Chris and Tara, purveyours of all things that end with "Camp") moving into part of my wherehouse, to the various other business balleyhoo, I really haven't had that much free time. But its been an exciting time, to say the least! And I get to take a vacation in a couple weeks.

Anyway, here's a video of the Coworkers starting to set up shop here at the Hat Factory, where New Media and Open Source comes together to make the web happen in a collaborative environment. Or that's the plan at least. A grand experiment gestating in my living room.

(Yes, "Teh" is spelled correctly. Yes, they are geeks. Yes, I used to play a geek on TV.)

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